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Haldeman mansion is one of our favorite places to investigate, if not the absolute favorite. CTS Paranormal has never walked away from Haldeman without a ton of good evidence; EVPs, strange noises, EMF spikes and, most recently, a child size stick figure on our Kinect camera that interacted. Haldeman also offers other nonparanormal fun, such as Strawberry festival, Tea party, Fall fest to name a few! I have met some of the nicest people through this mansion!

Sherri Spearing - CTS Paranormal

I spent at least one day per week for nearly 8 months in the Fall, Winter and Spring of 2014 and 2015 at the Haldeman Mansion shooting video footage for a mini historical documentary video. Never a dull moment, Witnessed Poltergeist actvity, Heard and recorded disembodied voices on video and even observed shadow figures on more then one occassion. Based on my experiences at Haldeman Mansion and having investigated the paranormal since 1982, I believe the entities who dwell at the Haldeman Mansion are intelligent not residual and can be quite mischievous at times .

Mike Fink - Dark Cellar Media Productions

Great place to investigate. We have been there a few times and the mansion never disappointed us. EVP's, shadows, footsteps heard, people getting touched, disembodied voices heard and shadows that were captured on video..!!!

Mark Anstine

Went to Haldeman Mansion not knowing that to think about everything but I had the best time. I am definitely a believer after hearing what I did in the out kitchen.

 Sonna Rhinehart Guerriero

The Haldeman Mansion is a truly unique and hauntingly beautiful place. You can feel the energy as soon as you step on the property. Both the mansion and grounds are very active. Lora and her team do an amazing job sharing their knowledge and experiences, which in turn keeps the history alive for future generations. This location is quickly becoming one of the go to spots for paranormal teams and enthusiasts on the East Coast.

Sandra Bandov - Bearfort Paranormal

# 1 Haunted Mansion on our list, from Class 1 Evps, Great Portal responses, awesome trigger prop responses, definitely one of our favorite spots, it never let's us down, guaranteed evidence.

Ron Stephens -Team RIP.

Our group investigated the Haldeman Mansion in August 2015. We had a fantastic evening of noises, flashlight sessions, personal experiences, smells, EVPs and pictures from our investigation.


Rebecca Stamm Gardner - Star Garden Paranormal

Beautiful structure. Interesting history and spirits communicate often like they still have a body.

Jim Colonna - host of YC Paranormal radio

I have had one visit and being an empath the place had great energy and a wonderful staff that know the place inside and out!!   

Jennifer B. Smith

Based on In The Midst Of Ghosts investigations and evidence documented, I have deemed this archaeological historic and prehistoric site a Haunted Heritage site.

Jan Klinedinst - Archaeologist - In the Midst of ghost Investigations